Group Fitness

Our Group fitness classes will allow your employees to take an active role in their health and return to work happier and healthier. We have classes for all tastes and fitness levels including Yoga, Pilates, Kick Boxing, Boot Camp, and Zumba. Our instructors are expert, experienced, and energetic and are committed to teaching safe yet effective classes for all participants. Classes are designed to be fun and revitalising as well as safe in accordance with guidelines from national certifying organisations. Participants will gain an improvement in cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility while having fun at the same time. Rate: $75 per hour group class session by certified instructor

Full Fitness Assessment

Selection of best advisory not only keeps you away from unwanted and excessive fatigue but we can assess you and your need for gym, health and diet fitness to provide you customised life time advisory. Fitness plan require consistence and coherence between the gym, life style and diet habit’s triangle, and we are the one who can point your employees to the right direction to get the best assistance they need, because we are the Fitness Triangle. We provide the most advanced range of health & fitness assessments, which combine state of art technology with specialist expertise. The challenges of contemporary lifestyles are addressed, from stress to poor sleep patterns, and people are given means and motivation to make sustainable changes. Our assessments also check more serious health issues, such as diabetes and cholesterol. Whatever your company size or budget, we can tailor as assessment program to fit your requirements. Our assessment programs are available as part of a company paid scheme or employee paid scheme. Once you decide which is right for you, we will do the rest. Rate: $75 per hour by certified trainer

Personal Training

Generally, the healthier your workforce, the healthier the business is. But it’s important they do the right exercise for their body. Exercise is a need not a habit or desire. It is very important that you should know your body requirement for particular exercises. Our personal trainers can help your employees to know their body and design an appropriate exercise plan for them. Rate: $75 per hour by certified trainer

Company Paid Schemes

Every company has a different policy as to who is entitled to health screening, how often and at what level. We can audit your current provision and provide you with a relevant assessment program to match your needs. Simply provide us with an eligibility list and let our team do the rest. As well as providing employees with their individual assessment reports, we can give you a summary of the health issues affecting your workforce, and help you to introduce health interventions that will benefit you and your employees alike. While they gain the support and guidance they need to proactively manage their health, you can tackle absenteeism and improve productivity. Your employees can purchase the membership from us directly, for any service and club monthly membership on discounted rates and can set up their dues through company paid program if they visit the club certain times per month. Rate: $19.99 per employee monthly fitness club membership